New York

New York

So I recently went to the United States with a school trip. It was the first time that a trip to a foreign country was organized by my school and I was really really excited for it. It was truly an amazing experience; It was a 13 days trip excluding the days passed in traveling. The trip was one of the best thing that happened to me this year and so I thought to share my experience of every place my friends and I got to visit.. and our first stop was New York

New York

We landed at the JFK airport in the NewYork city. I was very thrilled to be in NYC as I had heard a lot about it for it is famous for many things such as food, cinema, its brilliant skyscrapers, and busyness.

We did not stay in New York due to it being super crowded and super expensive, instead we stayed in New Jersey at the Whyndham hotel. The area where we were staying was very peaceful.

It was a good sunny day. For visiting the Statue of Liberty, we went to the Battery park from where we were to take the ferry to reach the statue of liberty and the Ellis island. The view from the ferry was really good. Instead of stopping at the Ellis island we skipped it and directly went to the statue. As you reach the place you can see that the statue of Liberty isnt just a huge statue of a lady but a symbol of hope and freedom for the millions of people who immigrated to the US. The place around the statue of liberty was quiet crowded and I could see people from all across the globe.

We all had to return to the place we started after 2 hours and I dont know how time passed so quickly as we took a lot of pictures, had a big glass of lemonade and a long walk around. We didn’t go to the podium as the statue was already clearly visable from down. If you ever visit NYC, then do not miss the famous statue of liberty!

Next we went to the fifth avenue where I could see the worlds largest brands and shopping stores, from Tiffany and co., Gucci and Armani to Zara, H&M and so on. It was the place where you could spend the whole day swiping your credit cards, though we just spent our time window shopping. We then went to the Empire State Building which was a quite windy but was a wonderful experience. We only went up till the 86th floor and the view of the city from there was marvellous but most of the time we were surrounded by clouds and air pressure making my hair totally messy. Visiting the empire state building was really nice although I wonder what would  the 102nd floor be like..   

View from the Empire State Building

Our next stop was the Rockefeller centre and the Ground zero which was built in the memory of the victims of the 9/11 attack and Rockefeller centre also had a beautiful architecture and there was a plaza which had a beautiful sculpture of Prometheus.

            The statue of Prometheus

The last stop was the world famous Times Square which looked exactly as I imagined it would with all the billboards and with many shopping opportunities. Times square was bustling with people but there was a lot of stuff that one could do there.

Image result for times square
                  Times Square

So…that was all that we got to visit I still am disappointed for missing out on many things like the central park which my friends and I had to skip due to the bad weather. Overall I must say that New York is the place you can never get bored at, as they call it The city that never sleeps. There are more than a hundred things that you can do over there and trying to do those all in just one visit is next to impossible. Most of the places in NYC were really crowded and it definitely was bustling town but I really loved it and its a place that tempts you to visit it again and again, to explore as much as you can.

 This was all about NYC. It is my first blog and I hope everyone likes it and I’ll be posting soon another travel blog. Bye for now!!

-Ria Minglani

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