Four islands, Ao nang

The best boat tour, I’ve ever been to. People who visit Ao nang or Phuket, generally do this tour, they do the speedboat tour or the traditional longtail boat one, I did the latter. This tour is perfect to explore the gorgeous rock islands of Krabi.
Well as the name suggests, this tour included four alluring islands

The first one is called the Phra nang cave bay island, located on the Railay peninsula, which is absolutely outstanding. The main attraction here other than the beach is the Phra nang cave, an interesting small cave that fascinates the visitors. Apart from that this island also has a temple that adds up to the attractions

The second island is the Tup island, and this one was even better than the previous one. This island is small but breathtakingly beautiful. This island is perfect for swimming in its crystal clear water due to its low tide, and you can even reach its neighboring island by simply crossing the sea by walking to the chicken island, the view from there is also pretty great.


The third destination is the Koh Kai, popularly known as the chicken island, which can be reached by its neighboring island, Koh tup, this island is rather peaceful and relaxing. Its called the chicken island as from far away it actually looks like a chicken.

The fourth island is the Koh Poda or the Poda island. This island is like paradise on Earth. Fine white sand beach and a sea so clear that you just feel like jumping in. The perfect place to unwind and enjoy the brilliant beach scenery. The huge rock in front of it has been featured on countless postcards, screensavers, and touristic brochures, so don’t miss the opportunity to take your own photograph of the scenery…


The last part of this tour is snorkeling, which was an amazing experience, the view of the bright blue sea was really something wonderful, where I saw quite colourfull fishes, it was definitely a unique experience..

I still can’t get over the amazing time I had in Thailand, especially in Ao Nang. It was a place that I would love to visit again, and I hope I will 🙂
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— Ria Minglani

Lagoon islands of Venice, Italy

Venice being a very famous town in Italy adds up being among one of the most visited cities in the world, and it sure does have a lot of attractions but so do the two amazing lagoon islands near it which, according to me are definitely worth exploring.


A gem of a place, lying in the north of Venice, Italy is renowned for its history of glass making. This charming island has several skilled craftsmen continuing their local tradition of making glass, a lot of visitors come here to explore the Museo del Vetro, which is a museum showing the history of glass through the years. This little town also has many glass factories which demonstrate the process of making the glass, and also quite a few souvenir shops where you can buy fine and attractive glass jewelry for your loved ones..

Apart from having a history of glass making, this place also has its own grand canal, shops and sidewalk cafes, and also many beautiful streets..



A very picturesque island of fishermen having lanes full of beautiful vibrant colored apartments and houses that give a very rainbow vibe, lies near Murano and can be easily reached by ferry. This island, however, is famous for its lacemaking and has a ton of shops where one can buy various lace products, it also has many fascinating bakeries and other shops. Apart from the bright houses, this island has narrow and clear canals. Since its a very small town, Burano would be best explored by simply walking in its extremely scenic and colourfull streets.


The best way to get to these islands from the main Venice island is by the Vaporetto (water bus)

— Ria Minglani

LAZISE, an Italian village

Lazise is a little village in the Province of Verona in the Italian region Veneto, located about 120 kilometres west of Venice and is located on the eastern shore of the beautiful Lake Garda.

I am sure not most people would have heard the name of this wonderful place and that is the reason I wanted to write about it. I was amazed by the unique beauty of this place. This charming village lies very near to the famous town Gardasee also called the Garda lake which has the world famous Gardaland amusement/water park.

I loved to explore the lively markets of this place, it had some remarkability to it, and trust me you could spend hours just roaming in the market, having an ice cream. Sounds like a perfect holiday, doesn’t it?

Exploring the streets

Well if you are interested in history you can also visit the lazise castello which is a beautiful historical castle on the shore of lake garda and has a very pleasant surrounding.

Well when it comes to hotels, there are a few camping hotels nearby. I stayed in the hotel called ‘Camping La Quercia’ along with my family. This hotel was situated on lake garda, was perfect for someone who likes camping.

I am really glad that instead of going to the famous towns in Italy, I explored something different, moreover this village was very characteristic and full of life and also conveniently near to Gardaland.

-Ria Minglani


I went to Gujarat last year in the month of september with my family. It was a short trip, and we covered just two places which are little Rann of Kutch and Ahemdabad.

We first stayed at the Royal Safari Camp at Bajana which was near the wild ass sanctuary and the resort was pretty good and comfortable, the staff was friendly and the food was tasty. Even in the month of september the afternoons were crazy hot and it started getting cooler at about 5 pm. We decided to take the safari in the evening.

Little Rann of Kutch :

I never imagined that it would be such a unique and delightful experience! The word rann means “salty desert” and while driving through the Little Rann of Kutch, a salty desert is all you see. The ground in the little Rann of kutch is all dried and cracked, the air felt hot and dry. I think this saline desert had a lot to offer to wildlife lovers, birdwatchers and wildlife photographers having an amazing variety of flora and fauna. I could see pink flamingoes, nilgai, hyena, hares, hedgehogs, foxes and many other beautiful birds and animals, and as this place is well known for its wild asses, we too saw many of them…We also saw some people who sheltered there and manufactured salt, they even showed us the real salt crystals and told us how they make salt, which was quiet interesting

Me at Little Rann of Kutch

Moreover I liked Little Rann of Kutch because it was, silent, free of any noise pollution, had an amazing wildlife and was a very different experience.

Next day first we went to a place near the sanctuary, in a town called Patan that was called “Rani Ki Vav” which was a huge stepwell, had a wonderful architecture and it is also one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Designed as an inverted temple highlighting the importance of water and its storage system ,this stepwell was built as a memorial to a king Bhimdev by his wife Udayamati during 1063 to 1068 AD

Rani ki Vav

We also went to the Patola House near the Rani ki vav which was a museum of the Patan Patola Saree and they gave us a demo of how they weave the saree, thread by thread, creating beautiful and detailed designs on them. I found it very creative…

After the “Patola House” we went to the “Modhera Sun Temple” which was no less, it also had a stepwell and a beautiful temple. This temple is situated on the banks of river Pushpavati and is dedicated to the Sun god The exterior walls are engraved with beautiful detailed carvings and many carved pillars. It was definitely worth a visit!

Modhera Sun temple

After a long drive, we went to the famous Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar. It is a large Hindu temple complex inspired by Yogiji maharaj. The temple was beautiful and we also saw the light show which was very colorful and interesting.

In Ahemdabad we stayed at Novotel, which was near the SG highway. On the Second day we first went to the Gandhi Ashram commonly called the Sabarmati ashram built along the banks of Sabarmati river.There were different small rooms in the ashram and a museum which provided the knowledge about many historical movements that took place during the freedom struggle such as the Dandi salt march led by Mahatma Gandhi. It was very informative..

In the evening we went to diner at The House Of Mg which is a heritage hotel and also had a walk in the market nearby. We got to eat proper Gujarati meal in a proper Gujarati way, the meal was quiet heavy, specially for me because I don’t really eat much but it was really delicious, there were starters and then the real big Gujarati thali which contained a lot of vegetables, rice etc. Almost everything had a little bit of sweetness in it which complimented the saltiness. Gujarati’s are famous for sweetness I guess, in their food as well as in people.

My family and I having a Gujarati meal

So that’s all that we did in our very short trip but I am really glad we made this trip happen as even in the few places that we visited my family and I got to experience very different things. Hope you like my blog!!

-Ria Minglani