How I spent three days at the NASA space camp, Huntsville

The main motive of my recent US school trip was the Nasa space camp, It was just a 3 day camp but was definitely the best part of the trip, It was very informative interesting and fun with different rides, rockets and more….

Day 1:

My friends and I were really tired as we reached late at Atlanta the night before, from Buffalo, it was a 3 hour flight and due to reaching late, neither me nor my friends had a good sleep. The space camp is in Alabama so it was a 4 hour drive from Atlanta to the space camp and we reached at about 2. First, they told us all the rules like no food in the room etc (which I am sure no one followed XD). They gave us a wristband, a diary with information and a pen and assigned us all into different teams and rooms which were written on the wristbands. I was in team Reigel, fortunately with my friend, Avni and our team leader was Rebecca, she was really friendly. They let us first put our stuff in our rooms (Bringing the whole suitcase along was a big mistake as I had trouble in taking it to my room which was on 4th or 5th floor, by stairs, so if you ever attend the camp, please only take those things that you really need)….The room was small but spacious having 7 beds, 3 bunk beds and 1 single bed, it also had a few cabinets. There were common bathrooms and all this was giving a boarding school feeling… Our first activity was rock climbing on the mars wall, there were 6 different walls and you could choose any two, it was really fun, though I failed my both attempts. Rebecca asked us what would we like to do first among seeing the museum and making our own little diy rockets, we obviously chose the latter. Making the rockets was really fun, all of them were called the pathfinders and we also added a parachute to it and then decorated our cute little rockets! Next Rebecca showed us the huge museum, there were rockets, the moon rock, pictures and so much more, although it was really interesting but we all were feeling already very sleepy and tired. She also asked us all to draw logos on our diary that we could use for our team, it was a competition between all the teams, and it would be decided on the last day, that whose logo was the best. Then we had our diner, which was really good (specially the cheesecake) there were different tables and we had to sit with our team only. After the dinner we had a walk around, saw the rockets and all and then we were taken to the auditorium where they showed us videos about an astronaut and how he lived inside the rocket while in space, it was really interesting, by this time we all were feeling too sleepy. At last they asked us if we had any questions and then gave us the red space camp t shirts which we had to wear for the remaining duration of the camp.

Me with the rocket I made

Day 2:

It was an amazing day. After a heavy breakfast we all were told our roles for a space mission, some people had roles inside the rocket and some outside. Rebecca assigned us all different roles, I was the E Com, I searched it up in my diary and it read that an e com was a person who saved people inside the rocket from any trouble by providing the solutions and making sure everything is alright inside the spacecraft. We were taken to a room which had about 6 desks with computers and microphones and manuals, the NASA staff over there told us that the most important role outside the rocket was of E com…which sounded good. I was sitting with flight director, GNC and Paycom, all having different roles and we were told that this was just the practice mission and the final will be after lunch. The booklet we had in front of us contained our dialogues, I had an extra one which had solutions to the problems. The practice mission went very well, and I guess I kinda did good. Then we again had a visit to the space museum where we learnt many things about astronomy and we also met 2 space scientists of Nasa. Next we were taken to the Moon Shot simulator which was astonishing and also a bit terrifying, It had a height of 140 feet, and one could experience weightlessness for 3 long seconds but was definitely very fun. There was also a G force simulator, which I did not go on as I was afraid that I’ll get sick as I had a heavy breakfast. We then saw a space related movie. We had our lunch and then had our final mission, which went the same as the practice one (I liked this mission best out of all the activities). Rebecca showed us some controls and also the interior of the rocket and then we were given our little rockets that we built yesterday and we attached it to a place where just by pressing a button, we could launch our handmade model rockets! Mine went high up and I was also among the few who found their rockets after flight. After the rocket flying activity we did some studying for the quiz to be held on the last day among all the teams, even studying felt good at Nasa space camp. Rebecca asked us to show the logos that we made on day one and made everyone vote, and most people voted for my friend, Divya’s logo. At the end of the day we did another simulator which was called the Multiaxis Trainer simulator, you just have to sit on it and it goes round and round and it wasn’t quiet sickening but I have to admit it felt a bit dizzy.          Space mission

Day 3:

On the last day of the space camp, after having our last breakfast at the space center, we went to another simulator called the hypership, it was okay. The quiz was held between all the teams and our team won it. Last but not the least graduation ceremony was held where each member graduated and we got some graduation materials which included a certificate, a team photograph and two badges…..and also had a photograph clicked in our school uniform, and then we left again for Atlanta.

Nasa space camp was very fun and for me it was the best part of the trip, I got to learn many things, did many amazing activities and made new friends. Hope you liked my blog 🙂

             Team Reigel

-Ria Minglani