Four islands, Ao nang

The best boat tour, I’ve ever been to. People who visit Ao nang or Phuket, generally do this tour, they do the speedboat tour or the traditional longtail boat one, I did the latter. This tour is perfect to explore the gorgeous rock islands of Krabi.
Well as the name suggests, this tour included four alluring islands

The first one is called the Phra nang cave bay island, located on the Railay peninsula, which is absolutely outstanding. The main attraction here other than the beach is the Phra nang cave, an interesting small cave that fascinates the visitors. Apart from that this island also has a temple that adds up to the attractions

The second island is the Tup island, and this one was even better than the previous one. This island is small but breathtakingly beautiful. This island is perfect for swimming in its crystal clear water due to its low tide, and you can even reach its neighboring island by simply crossing the sea by walking to the chicken island, the view from there is also pretty great.


The third destination is the Koh Kai, popularly known as the chicken island, which can be reached by its neighboring island, Koh tup, this island is rather peaceful and relaxing. Its called the chicken island as from far away it actually looks like a chicken.

The fourth island is the Koh Poda or the Poda island. This island is like paradise on Earth. Fine white sand beach and a sea so clear that you just feel like jumping in. The perfect place to unwind and enjoy the brilliant beach scenery. The huge rock in front of it has been featured on countless postcards, screensavers, and touristic brochures, so don’t miss the opportunity to take your own photograph of the scenery…


The last part of this tour is snorkeling, which was an amazing experience, the view of the bright blue sea was really something wonderful, where I saw quite colourfull fishes, it was definitely a unique experience..

I still can’t get over the amazing time I had in Thailand, especially in Ao Nang. It was a place that I would love to visit again, and I hope I will 🙂
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— Ria Minglani

Ao Nang

I recently visited this heavenly place and I loved it. From its incredibly beautiful beaches to its soothing temperature, everything was perfect here to spend a relaxing vacation

Ao Nang is a beach town in Krabi, Thailand and is known for its long-tail boat tours of the islands such as Ko Hong, Ko Poda, and Ko Gai. The beauty of this place is mesmerizing

Ao Nang is filled with many resorts and hotels, so accommodation is not a problem there. I stayed at the Centara Anda Dhevi resort, which was located at about 15 minutes from the Aonang beach and was a nice resort with a spacious room, friendly staff, and a great pool!

I believe that one can never get bored at this dreamy destination, and if you are a beach lover, it is the perfect place for you.

Ao Nang beach

You can spend your day here by taking a walk in the beachfront markets, and there are also many massage centers in this town where you can also have the famous thai foot massage like I did, and was very relaxing. In the evenings you can simply go and have a long walk at the beach, it would really help you to relieve all your stress. You can visit the Ao Nang beach, which is a very attractive beach or the Nopparat Thara beach, which is equally beautiful.

Beach front market

You can also spend your day by doing any tour or activity in the morning like the Phi Phi tour, four islands, jungle tour and there are many more options available. There are many tourist information centers so you can easily decide over there what you want to do. I did the four island tour, which was of half day and included the Pranang cave bay island, where there was a huge cave with a temple, and also the famous Railay beach, then they took us the tub island, then showed us the chicken island and then we had our lunch at the Poda island, which was included in the tour and the last was snorkeling which was really fun. If you ever do this tour do not forget to take sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, a swimming suit, and a cap along with you. In the evening you can also visit the famous night market of Ao Nang

Phra Nang cave bay

When it comes to food, there are many Thai, Indian, as well as other restaurants in Ao Nang, however my family and I ate mostly at the king Kitchen restaurant, and I really liked their food. Do not forget to taste the delicious fruits of Ao Nang. You can easily get a bowl of mixed fruits on the streets, which are very refreshing.

Thai curry with rice

That is all about Ao Nang, and I suggest to go there in the months of September to January just to avoid the heat.

so don’t forget to add this dreamy place to your bucket list!

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– Ria Minglani